Emergent Accelerator Program

Emergent Accelerator in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Admission open for Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and MBA students from US Universities.

Student Testimonials:

  • Through useful exercises, tools and techniques, Emergent faculty illustrated how strategically designed interventions can provide a win win situation for the population at the bottom of the pyramid as well as the entrepreneur. A major learning was also how can business plans be made more presentable and hence effective in nature.

    -Mithilesh Singh,, Udyogini


  • Dayananda Sagar Institutions
  • Tumkur University
  • Enterprise for a Sustainable World

An Introduction to Emergent


Emergent Institute announces their next "Emergent Accelerator in Sustainable Entrepreneurship" program starting on May 19, 2014. Enrollment is open for Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs and MBA students from US universities.

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